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What a week! Busy, busy, busy describes this week. We were really rolling this week from tours, to tests, to quizzes, to a paper, to classes. Looking back I can say I feel like I really put out some work. Maybe I’ll reconsider my statement in which I stated that this program required just as much work as a regular semester. Now, I would say it requires a little bit more than a regular semester, depending on the caliber of your regular semester.

As the saying goes, anything worth having is definitely worth fighting for in life, so this week I definitely fought to stay on top of things.  As I stated previously time is of the essence, and I really had to stay on top of things this week. I did find myself staying up late almost every night this week to about three or four in the morning, but it was definitely worth it. I learned that I need to definitely manage ALL of my time, and stick to a schedule. I feel as if I’m constantly saying in every post that I learned to manage my time, but it’s seems as if every week I struggle to stay on schedule. The fact is, every week I improve my time management skills by reworking my schedule to accommodate my studies.

Overall this week was all right, I really enjoyed our book assignment and the tour of the dental school. The tour made me realize that I may also be interested in dentistry, even though my heart is set on being a medical doctor. I found the tour quite informational, he provided tips on the interview process, and also encourage me and my fellow scholars to beginning shadowing the health professions that strike our interest. He also encouraged us to keep an open mind about different professions that don’t strike our interest. We also had an opportunity to observe a student practice filling in a tooth. The tour was just wonderful a good way to end a long, tiring week.

I almost forgot to mention the fact that I had the opportunity this week to shadow pediatricians doing their residency at UNC hospital. I can’t believe I almost forgot because it was wonderful. I feel that I got a good feel of the job and what it requires as a student and a person. I saw how as a doctor you are still constantly learning, looking up different symptoms and consulting with fellow doctors in order to provide the patient with the best care possible. The experience definitely opened up my eyes to see how pediatricians work from day-to-day bases. Even though I’m considering being a neonatologist, I still can see myself working as a pediatrician and loving the job.

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