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The HCIE Workshop is a hands-on outreach program for students in grades 5-12, designed to stimulate their interest in health career professions. Each two-hour workshop is highly interactive with a focus on small group and cooperative learning activities that facilitate discussions about health careers, goal-setting, improving academic skills, and preparing for college and health professions schools.

Workshops are FREE to pre-college educational institutions and organizations across the state.

To schedule an HCIE Workshop at your school, fill out the online form.

Workshop Presentation (activities vary by age)

  • Getting to Know US
    About NC-HCAP
  • Dare to Dream: Health Careers Opportunities
    Health Careers Clusters
    Health Careers Activities
  • Making Your Dreams Come True
    Ask the Expert about Health Career
    A Plan of Action
    Summary of Major Activities and Timetables
    Helpful Tips for Studying
    Health Careers Portfolio Sheets
    Financial Aid Resources
  • Reflecting on Me
    Wheel of Life
    Who am I?
    My Career and Lifestyle Goals