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This week was quite interesting; we received two seminars and they were both quite interesting. One of the tours, chiropractic medicine, intrigued me because I did not know that it was so global and a widely sought after career. The Larry D. Keith Recruitment Fair was on Friday and Saturday and we all learned a lot as well as making new connections. This was a great experience and I learned lots of new things about medical school. The talent show was also on Friday and many of my fellow scholars participated, including my roommate. SEP received 2nd place overall in the talent show, however, there was some controversy on who actually won second place (MED students had a revote).

As this program comes to a conclusion, I realize that the connections and friends that I have made are invaluable and I greatly appreciate the people that I have met. There are still two more weeks to go, and I will definitely make the best of them and finish strong.

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