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I was so busy this week that writing this post completely slipped my mind. I enjoy writing about my week and was shocked when I remembered to write it, but late. This week was very informational. We had presentation on chiropractors, researching, along with the recruitment fair. The recruitment fair was definitely the highlight of my week. As a scholar we got to meet numerous health care professionals and received detailed information about medical school. We observed a mock interview; the interview was an example of an interview that would be given to a potential medical school student. We received information on how to approach our recommender for our medical school application, and some options for if we had to take a gap year in between college and medical school or any health professional school.
I took plenty of notes on how to prepare my application, when to submit, and who to ask to review my application. The application was explained from start to finish, and they provided many helpful tips on what to do and what not to do. I enjoyed this presentation because it part of the application was discussed and key details expressed about the little pieces of the application. One key thing that I feel was important during our fair was the idea of creating a packet about myself, in order to give my recommenders more information about myself, along with my statement of purpose in order to validate some of my point expressed in my statement of purpose. I had never considered creating this packet but I have been persuaded and plan to take heed to this new found information. I also had the opportunity to talk with some medical school representatives, along with some members that sit on many admission boards across the United States along with the Caribbean. The recruiters were very nice and open about their schools and what they looked for in students along with their school requirements. There were various health professional represented at the fair but my focus was mainly on medicine. At the recruitment fair we also received a very motivational, inspiring speech. The speaker was honest about the work load but he reassured everyone in the room that our goals could be our reality if we worked hard, and never gave up. He told us not to our light go out, but to let it burn, and to let it continue to burn through the good and the bad along with the happy or sad; to not get discourage about the journey to our success because it’s well worth it when we see the difference that we have made in someone life. I can honestly say he motivated me to keep striving for the best in my life, and to take on any challenge because with God’s help anything is possible. I took away many thoughts and ideas from this speech and plan to carry them along with me throughout my health care career. This fair was the end of a busy, yet informational, and inspiring week.

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