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This week was great.  Classes were challenging but overall everything is going fairly well. I was waiting all week for our seminar with Dr. Wilbert Smith, and I have to say the wait was well worth it.  Our question and answer session was wonderful. I had all of my questions answered regarding our book Hole In The Head: A Life Revealed. Dr. Smith, the author of Hole In The Head provided was very informational regarding Mr. Hardiman’s story, and told us about the upcoming events regarding the story of Mr.Hardiman.  I found Dr. Smith to be very friendly and open to his audience.  The movie created was a definite plus to Mr.Hardiman’s story. It was one thing to read about Mr.Hardiman’s life, but it was totally different seeing and hearing Mr. Hardiman talk, and share his thoughts and feeling. I am very much looking forward to seeing the upcoming events regarding Mr. Hardiman’s story. I appreciate Mr.Hardiman‘s story it reinforced and taught me many life lessons, and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a remarkable, life-changing story. The lessons and morals that Mr. Hardiman lived by are qualities that all health professional should possess; which is very important to instill in future health professional before they enter the work force.  I definitely see why this book was chosen for the scholars this summer.

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